Let’s get to know each other better

Before we get to the details of what „Infinity” is, let me introduce myself.


I’m Marcin and I come from the south of Poland, I became interested in financial matters at the age of 7 and what has happened in the last 10 years is sometimes amazing. these words are put on the wind and all my previous achievements have been documented and I am in the „About me” tab, in short I will write that I worked as a trader in several companies, in 2017 I wrote my own book, and in 2018 I opened the first and only one in that period in Poland, an auction website based only on cryptocurrencies …

System for
binary options

Let’s pass on to the details, „Infinity” is a system dedicated to the binary options market, a system that practically was created in 2012, but it was used only on the forex forex market. After many tests and changing a few very important assumptions, I managed to generate an impressive profit in relation to to risk.


The assumption of the „Infinity” system is to obtain the maximum risk of each position at the level of 1% of capital in relation to the profit of almost 8% of capital … This is possible and „Infinity” allows it. By taking only 3 positions a day, the system is able to generate up to 8% of the entire deposit, which in total gives you about 240% monthly, investing $ 100, your capital can be $ 340 after just one month. How so confident? Let’s go back to the beginning of the system, that is 2012 …

And what the effectiveness of the Forex market looks like

The right indicator

Po kilku latach stosowania różnych strategi na rynku Forex zostałem zatruniony w 2 firmach jako trader.


After a few years of applying various strategies on the Forex market, I was poisoned in 2 companies as a trader. Practically most of the day I was staring at several monitors that after a while I got a sense of glare. I noticed that some schemes are repeated in all pairs, regardless of the time interval, I called it ” back prices „and created an appropriate indicator for it, the system later I used successfully for the next few years (More on this subject in my kąbcia” In pursuit of happiness ”


Still, I could not make a good setting for profit / loss because despite the fact that my system in 99% predicts the return of the price, he was unable to calculate neither the time nor the size of return. Below you can see how the previous performance in different pairs presented itself.


And this is how I came across binary options, after a few days I knew that this is what I needed for all these years, thanks to which the gain of 8% per day with the risk of maximum 1% of capital literally broke the system. Curious? I invite you to the category „How does Infinity work?”